“Lay In Wait” To Appear at The Arizona International Film Festival

Our team is pleased to finally announce that Lay In Wait has been accepted to the 24th Annual Arizona International Film Festival, the oldest and longest-running independent film festival in Arizona! The festival will run April 9th - 26th in Tucson.

We’re very proud to be part of one of the most prestigious film festivals in the Southwest. For everyone who lives in the area, we’ll be sure to let you know our screening date and time just as soon as it’s posted.

New Residency at Kimmel Harding Nelson

I’m pleased to announce that I have been awarded a new residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City! The residency will compromise the month of March. Stay tuned for what I have planned during that time.

"Clearance" Accepted at No Budget Film Festival

My short film “Clearance” has been accepted to the 5th Annual No Budget Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA. As it might sound, the No Budget Film Festival prides itself on its programmed films having been made for nothing. All resources must be begged, borrowed or stolen.

The Festival is 21st and 22nd. Tickets on sale now!

Photos from the Midway Show

Check out these photos from Jonathan’s recent Midway Show, part of his artistic residency at Hub-Bub in Spartanburg, SC.

A new short film, made during my artistic residency at Hub-Bub in Spartanburg, SC. Starring Eli Blasko, with help by Lauren Ferebee and Amber Hansen. Enjoy!

Announcing my Artistic Residency!

Hello friends,

I’m tremendously proud to announce that, for the first half of 2014, I will be joining three other artists as part of Hub-Bub’s Artist-in-Residency program in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Finally, the space to think critically about my work, unencumbered by the daily grind of a basic income! All of my southern friends are encouraged to meet me for interdisciplinary artistic shenanigans.

You can read more about the other fellows at the link!

"Meditations: ItsOkayItsOkay" to appear at FLICKERS

Pleased to announce that the third short in the Meditations series, “Meditations: ItsOkayItsOkay” will be appearing at FLICKERS, the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

We’ll be a part of their Horror series, our first foray into genre festivals!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bell Street Chapel Theatre
5 Bell Street, Providence, RI

Hope my East Coast folks can make it!

Lay in Wait

Our Kickstarter campaign has begun! We’ve been working on this project for over a year and a half. Support independent cinema, support our dedication, support the creation of art in your community!

Check out our behind-the-scenes look at our recent 35mm camera tests!

“Meditations: Supper” will be coming to the Hollywood Film Festival next month!  
 October 19th-21st. Stay tuned for more details!

“Meditations: Supper” will be coming to the Hollywood Film Festival next month!

October 19th-21st. Stay tuned for more details!

"Art of Missing You" wins West Coast Songwriters' International Song Contest!

More good news!

I’ve just been informed by our composer on “Meditations: Supper”, that The Art of MIssing You, one of two original compositions for the film, has won the Miscellaneous Category in the 2012 West Coast Songwriters’ International Song Contest! The competition was judged by an Executive Committee comprised of noted singer/songwriters and industry leaders. Past judges and Conference guests have included hit songwriters and producers Narada Michael Walden, Steve Seskin, Andre Pessis, George Merrill and Bonnie Hayes.

Check out the press release here: