In March of 2014, I created three film installation pieces for Hub-Bub's Artist-In-Residence Midway Show. Installed in the kitchen of a vacant restaurant, they represent my interest in exploring the intersection of recorded video and living spaces.

Untitled (bed and clouds)

Installed in a small side room, presumably once an office, is a large bed, dresser and domestic decorative elements (fresh sunflowers, loose change, a burning candle). Projected against the opposite wall is a series of slow-moving shots of rolling clouds, filmed locally in Spartanburg.

Participants are invited to recline in bed and place one of two headphones over their ears, which plays white-noise on a continuous loop.

Participants are encouraged to fall asleep while watching.

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Untitled (reflections)

In a large room of hundreds of individually-lit tea candles, a projector is placed at the precipice of a basin of water with a mirror at the bottom, which is tilted to reflect the image back onto a reversed white board. 

The video consists of extreme close-ups of skin.

Above the basin are two cups filled with water, suspended by string.

Drops fall at unexpected intervals, rippling the mirror and, by extension, the images.

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A ghost story in an abandoned cotton warehouse. Originally presented in an industrial freezer on a cathode ray television, surrounded by tea candles on either side of the television.


Beneath the television rest items stolen from the location where Clearance was filmed.

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